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Providing the company with a
balanced and satisfying blend of
nutrients that support optimal health
and wellbeing


The workshops cover a range of topics that help individuals make informed choices about their food and beverage consumption, nutritional needs and to identify areas for improvement.


Individual consultations to receive
personalized nutritional advice, guidance on healthy eating habits and lifestyle choices.


Take the first step towards a healthier, more productive workplace

At Cookalot, we offer a range of delicious and healthy meal options that are perfect for busy professionals. Our meals are carefully crafted by our team of expert dietitians to ensure that they meet all of your employees' nutritional needs.

So why wait?

Order your convenient nutritional meals for your employees today and start promoting a healthier, more productive workplace!


In total, the time lost due to searching for takeout can add up to several hours per week, which can have a negative impact on productivity. 

To overcome this barrier, individuals can consider packing their own healthy meals, finding nearby food options that are quick and healthy, or using meal delivery services to save time and increase productivity at work.

Before we get started with the meals for your unique business we:

1. Identify the business culture and budget and specific needs.

2. Identify the nutrition gap within the workplace using the nutritional matrix screening tool.

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